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Polenta Versus Grits: What’s the Difference?

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Both equally polenta and grits are created from stone-ground cornmeal, dried corn that is ground down into more compact, coarse bits. So, what’s the distinction between polenta versus grits? Are they the exact same ingredient with distinctive names, or is there a lot more going on right here?

Some persons think the difference lies in geography: the Italian version is recognized as polenta whereas the Southern model is acknowledged as grits. Some others think that polenta is manufactured with yellow corn even though grits are normally made with white corn.

In this article, we dig into the the true story of the similarities and discrepancies among polenta and grits.

Polenta Versus Grits: What is the Change?

Polenta is a type of stone-ground cornmeal that originally hails from Northern Italy. It usually has a vivid yellow hue, however paler and white variations exist. When cooked, it develops a paste-like regularity that keeps its form, as in these crispy polenta cakes.

With roots in the United States, particularly between Native communities and the South, grits are a form of stone-floor cornmeal. They can be yellow or white, and tend to have a chunkier consistency with unevenly sized particles. They’re normally cooked into a creamy porridge, like these Cheese Grits.

When to Acquire Grits as opposed to Polenta

For lots of, the confusion comes down to your time in the grocery keep. You have bought a polenta recipe or a grits recipe and you are purchasing for it and you see almost nothing in the retail store that suggests “grits” and possibly very little in the retailer that indicates “polenta.” That’s mainly because you are genuinely hunting for stone-ground coarse cornmeal and this is where by it results in being difficult.

But in reality, the distinctions are comparatively trim. Purchase coarse cornmeal at the shop and call it a working day. And if you are out on the city and you like polenta, check out purchasing grits up coming time (and vice versa).

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