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How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes (3 Simple Ways that work!)

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Here are 3 effortless methods to reheat mashed potatoes. All a few techniques are foolproof and make mashed potatoes creamy dreamy yet again!

Mashed potatoes flavored with garlic and served in a wooden bowl.

Did you know reheating mashed potatoes was a cinch? Regardless of whether it is really leftover mashed potatoes or you have been a boss and designed them forward of time, these 3 ways to reheat mashed potatoes will make them as superior as new!

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These methods have been tested for 2 cups of mashed potatoes. Double or triple the butter and product if you have further mash. 

Double Boiler Process

  • Insert water to a saucepan and fill it with 2 cups of drinking water. Bring it to a boil around medium heat. Minimize the flame to lower and make it possible for the drinking water to simmer. 
  • Incorporate mashed potatoes alongside with a tablespoon of butter and product to a heatproof bowl. Assure the bowl is massive adequate to sit on the rim of the pan. Protect the bowl with aluminum foil. 
  • Location the bowl above the pan. Cook dinner for 10-12 minutes, stirring the potatoes when midway through. You can allow it to heat for extended dependent on how you like it. 

Microwave Method 

  • Include mashed potatoes to a microwave harmless bowl with a lid. Add a tablespoon of butter and product to the bowl and address the lid. 
  • Microwave for 1 moment at the pre-mounted placing (on my microwave it is Large).
  • Take out the bowl and stir to mix. Deal with and microwave at 30 next intervals, stirring immediately after each and every interval. Continue on to microwave till it is reheated. 
  • Full time taken in my microwave was 1 minute + 3 30 second intervals = 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 
  • This time may possibly fluctuate depending on the energy of your microwave so don’t forget to continue to keep an eye on it. You can add a lot more butter and product if you really feel like the potatoes are obtaining far too dry. 

Oven Technique

  • Preheat the oven to 170C.
  • Increase mashed potatoes to an ovenproof dish. Degree it out working with the again of a spoon. This will help reheat the potatoes evenly. 
  • If the mash is dry, include a tablespoon of melted butter and cream and combine it well. Go over the dish with aluminum foil. You can even increase 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable broth alternatively. 
  • Bake for 20-30 minutes at 170C. 
Closeup of a spoonful of creamy mashed potatoes

Make Mashed Potatoes forward of time and reheat them: All the strategies

  • If you are earning mashed potatoes forward of time, you can freeze or refrigerate them. Permit them cool completely and transfer them into a freezer welcoming ziplock bag and freeze. Frozen Mashed Potatoes stay great in the freezer for up to a thirty day period, immediately after which they commence to different and bringing them back again to their creamy consistency won’t be possible. Be confident to transfer frozen mashed potatoes to the refrigerator a single working day ahead of serving. This will make it possible for them to thaw on their individual. 
  • If you’re creating mashed potatoes in advance of time, it is perfect to make them additional runny and creamy than ordinary. This will enable maintain the potatoes moist even right after reheating. 
  • Having said that, if your mashed potatoes are dry or thick to start off with, incorporate some far more product or melted butter in advance of you reheat it. 
  • You can make a new seasoning for the potatoes by sauteing some chopped garlic in melted butter. Include chilly mashed potato and reheat in accordance to the recommendations.
  • Provide in far more flavor to uninteresting mashed potato by stirring in some sour cream, grated parmesan or crushed black pepper or all of them! Some other additions that I truly appreciate are cooked bacon bits for bacon mashed potatoes, caramelized onion and gruyere for french onion mashed potatoes, grated cheddar for cheddar mashed potatoes, brown butter and many others. Introducing some finely chopped chives is also a terrific choice!

How to make Mashed Potatoes

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